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How to Register a Device to your Account - Pavlov Media Knowledgebase
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How to Register a Device to your Account

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Last updated: 12 Aug, 2016
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Go to signin.pavlovmedia.net and sign into your account.

Click on the Devices box. The My Devices screen appears.
To activate a new device, click the button that says +Add New . The Add new device window appears.
In the Device Description box, label your device as something to distinguish it from other devices registered to your account (i.e. My PC, iPhone, router, Wii, Xbox, etc).
In the MAC Address box, the program will automatically attempt to detect the MAC address of the device you have connected to the network.  The box will remain greyed out for a few seconds during this operation.  If the program was unable to identify your device, enter the MAC address in the box. [Note: Please refer to our articles in Connection Issues on finding the MAC address of your device for assistance if necessary.]
Click the Continue button.
Your new device should now be added and ready to go.  If you experience problems in the new connection, try rebooting the device.
[Note: in the case that you have just activated a router, and you cannot get the connection to work, power off the router. Wait at least 10 second and power the router back on. This may take a couple of minutes for your router to initialize.  You should now be able to connect to it wired or wirelessly, depending on the router type.]

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