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Why do I Have to Register?

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Last updated: 05 Jan, 2015
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The Reason

This is a question we get asked a lot! The quick answer—because we say so. This is not just us being mean but is something we are required by law to do.  Any Internet Service Provider you have dealt with in the past, or will deal with in the future, requires you to register your devices before allowing you access to the internet.  One of the main reasons for this is a federal law called CALEA. This requires us to locate the actual individual, if possible, when we receive a copyright violation notice from a copyright holder or law enforcement agency.

The Benefits

By registering your devices, it allows us to provide you with better, more reliable, service.  We have a managed network which allows us to quickly isolate any problems, often without our customers even realizing there was a problem.

  • You get a stable, managed network
  • You get a quick response to questions and problem resolution
  • If you have an upgraded plan. it allows for proper, accurate billing and ensures you receive the speeds you are paying for
  • It provides everyone on the network with reliable connection speeds, with less congestion during peak hours

In Conclusion

Registering is not hard and only takes a few minutes.  For a quick review please see the article Registering for the First Time.

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