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TV Channel Guide

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Last updated: 24 Feb, 2017
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Pavlov Media does not provide an online channel guide through your television. Due to the variance in modern televisions the built-in guide function does not display properly in many television sets using the Clear QAM method.  We do provide printed guides to the properties and a PDF version that should be available from your property management office.

Pavlov Media does however, provide a listing to the website Zap2It for each of the properties to which we provide video service. This will provide you with an up-to-date channel listing similar to TVGuide or a cable company's channel guide- without requiring a cable box.

Accessing Zap2it.com

Open a web browser and go to www.Zap2it.com.

Click on the TV Listings link at the top of the screen. When the listing appears, it will be at a default location setting.  You need to change this to reflect your location.

Click on the Change My Location button just of the channel listing screen.  A new screen pops up.  Enter your zip code in the box and click the GO button.

A listing of the various cable connections for your area will appear.  You need to select your Pavlov Media supported location from the list.

In the above example, we used the Pavlov Media Champaign headquarters Zip code.  There are several properties in the list.  Select your property and the TV guide listings will appear in the web page.

If you click on the name of a show, details about the show will appear on the line below.  Click the Close box to close the dropdown and return to the channel listings.

The next time you go to the Zap2IT website, your browser should remember your settings and your TV Guide will be displayed without any further action.

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